• Four sections (English, Math, Reading, Science)
  • Highest possible score, 36
  • 90th percentile, 28
  • Questions are slightly easier than the SAT, but there is less time per question
  • The biggest challenge is finishing each section on time.
  • Has been the same structure for decades
  • Colleges are very familiar with the ACT
  • Argumentative essay: you are given a scenario and have to pick/argue for one side.


  • Four sections (Reading, English, Math (no calculator), Math (calculator)
  • Highest possible score, 1600
  • 90th percentile, 1340
  • Questions are slightly harder than the ACT, but there is more time per question
  • Was recently changed in March 2016
  • Colleges are less familiar with scores for the current SAT
  • Rhetorical analysis essay: you read an article and analyze the author's techniques

"My experience at Span Test Prep was very helpful. I think it was not only the number of tests I took, but the content and strategy I learned at each of the sessions."