The Span Test Prep course is all about results. After 20 years of teaching experience at a suburban Chicago high school and 17 years of ACT tutoring, Scott and his team have learned some important things about how to help students succeed on a high stakes test like the ACT:\r\n


  1. It is nearly impossible for a student to improve significantly without one-on-one instruction.
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  3. Students must take real ACT/SAT practice tests in an environment free of distractions. After reviewing these tests, the tutor can quickly identify areas of weakness, then craft a specific lesson plan for each student to help him or her make major improvements in test performance. During the individualized sessions, we are able to customize the teaching to allow time to work on the areas that each student needs most.
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  5. During the fall and winter sessions, some of the practice tests will be given in a classroom setting. This provides a quiet testing environment similar to the ACT/SAT itself, which enables students to get a true feel for the actual test experience.
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  7. Many students have the knowledge to do well, but they lack confidence. We provide students with techniques, tactics, and skills to develop complete confidence in their test-taking abilities.
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  9. The Span Test Prep course is comprehensive. It covers all 5 sections of the ACT, and all 3 sections of the SAT, including English, math, reading, science, and writing. If the student needs the most help in a certain content area, then that is what we focus on. However, it is still important that the student practice test-taking on the other sections in order to maximize his or her score.
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\r\n \r\n\r\nThe results? The average score increase is 5 points, and such results make a huge difference. Many Span Test Prep students get accepted to their college of first choice. Many others receive scholarships or other awards based on their higher ACT score. Every student leaves the Span Test Prep program with the confidence and test-taking skills needed to conquer the test.