If you have chosen to pay by check, the tuition is

Full Course $1600
Refresher Course $500
8-Session Full Course $2000

Please make the check payable to Span Test Prep, include the student's name in the memo section,  and mail the check to the following address:

Span Test Prep
790 W Frontage Rd. Suite 720
Northfield, IL 60093

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Course Options

This is what you get with Span Test Prep

  1. 6 customized, one-on-one sessions with a teacher
  2. 6 complete ACT or SAT practice tests
  3. Math, Grammar, and Writing guides
  4. A watch designed specifically for use during the ACT and SAT

"I could not be more pleased with my experience with STP. Its flexible scheduling allowed me to work around conflicts and continue my preparation even in the busiest of times. STP turned me into a competitive applicant for schools that I never would have considered before my 6 point increase. Now I am much more confident going into the college application process!"