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For most students, the PSAT is their first glimpse into college entrance exams. The PSAT exam is a great warm-up for the SAT because it gives ambitious students an idea of what to expect on the SAT. Furthermore, the PSAT sets a strong foundation for all future standardized tests. For students who want to push the envelope and maximize test scores out of the gate, Span Test Prep can help students ramp up for the annual October PSAT exam.

Spanning Knowledge with Buffalo Grove’s Leading PSAT Tutors

Even the most astute students need extra help from time to time. At Span Test Prep, students work one-on-one with one of the highly experienced PSAT instructors. Students can expect best-in-class service because each instructor holds exceptional credentials. Using proprietary methodology, Span Test Prep tutors will diagnose weaknesses and provide solutions to overcome those limitations. The dynamic and engaging tutors strive to motivate and encourage students from La Grange, Wilmette, and Buffalo Grove with helpful strategies and insights to PSAT exam test taking. By following Span Test Prep’s laser-focused study plan, students can see their scores soar by triple digits!

Each comprehensive tutoring package includes six practice tests and six one-on-one sessions with immediate tutor feedback. Throughout the course, Span Test Prep’s tutors familiarize each student with test content, test strategies, and time management techniques using proprietary study materials. Students will also receive packets containing grammatical rules and mathematical formulas, writing tips, and a watch specifically designed for college entrance tests.

Let Span Test Prep Help Buffalo Grove Students Defeat the PSATs

The tutors at Span Test Prep are caring, committed instructors striving to help students find their pathway to scholastic success and reach their full potential. Take advantage of the extensive PSAT programs by meeting with a Span Test Prep instructor for one-on-one tutoring! Over the past 20 years, whether students want to hone their skills or develop them from the ground up, Span Test Prep can help students get there. Call 847.724.9188 today!




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