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Span Test Prep is the premier tutoring program for SAT test preparation in the Lake Forest, Highland Park, and Evanston areas. Over the last 20 years, Span Test Prep has developed a refined methodology to guide students to stronger SAT test scores. Regardless of skill level, Span Test Prep understands how to hone in on each student’s strengths and improve weaknesses. Right from the initial consultation, the exceptional team of tutors will pinpoint and chart students’ progress through a comprehensive, personalized lesson plan. Under careful watch from a team of experienced tutors, students will be coached to perform to their fullest ability come test day.

Span Test Prep Delivers Premium SAT Test Prep Across Highland Park

Despite increased competition and low-acceptance rates for top colleges across the country, Span Test Prep can deliver the elite SAT test scores required to impress college admission teams. Students won’t find a one-size-fits-all curriculum at Span Test Prep! Instead, students can expect an action plan tailored to their academic needs.

Span Test Prep’s comprehensive SAT curriculum will help students master strategies for tackling every type of exam question while preparing them for real-life test conditions. Each course contains six practices tests, six one-on-one sessions, and immediate tutor feedback. Students will also receive full tests, a packet of grammatical rules and math skills, and a watch for test taking.

While reviewing each section of the SAT test remains pertinent for success, the unique strategy breakdown will address key areas and concepts that challenge students so they can unleash their full potential. Span Test Prep’s tutors work at a comfortable pace, so each student can retain a maximum amount of information. Students can choose between four courses (fall, winter, spring, or summer) or opt to build their own schedule. This flexibility allows Span Test Prep’s SAT test prep courses to fit into any student’s busy schedule.

Prepare for The SAT Test With Span Test Prep

Through customized one-on-one SAT prep courses, Span Test Prep has helped over 3,000 students of all academic levels reach and surpass their SAT score goals over the last 20 years. Span Test Prep also offers test prep in other subject areas including ACT, PSAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT Subject tests, and math tutoring. Students are only one call away from hitting their target SAT numbers! Call 847.724.9188 to get started on an action plan to conquer the SAT.




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