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Admission counselors at college and graduate schools receive countless applications each year. The competition for a spot in these institutions forces admission counselors to reject many qualified students annually. Don’t let a standardized test get in the way of academic accomplishment! With some help from the elite tutors at Span Test Prep, students will be on their way to scoring higher test scores!

Discover Span Test Prep’s Flawless Approach For Test Prep Tutoring

Span Test Prep provides one-on-one tutoring services for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE SAT Subject test, AP Tests, as well as high school mathematics. Using a proven methodology and experienced tutors, San Test Prep can significantly improve any student’s test-taking abilities. No two students from La Grange, Wilmette, and Buffalo Grove are ever alike, which is why students will receive tailored courses to reflect their specific needs.

Through premium private tutoring, Span Test Prep tutors will immediately determine the best approach to help students raise test scores. During the first session, Span Test Prep’s tutors target each student’s weaknesses and focus on test-taking strategies to ensure that their students earn the best possible scores.

Private Tutoring Services with A History Of Success

Each course contains six practice tests and six one-on-one sessions with immediate tutor feedback. Span Test Prep also provides students with proprietary resources such as packets containing grammatical rules and mathematical formulas, writing tips, and a watch designed for tests. Moreover, each tutor will build a schedule that works around a student’s busy life. This allows students to learn and retain information at a comfortable pace. Span Test Prep lets students choose between four courses (fall, winter, spring, or summer) or opt to build their own schedule.

Unlike other tutoring programs that often struggle to deliver results, Span Test Prep has a long history of helping students score higher scores. Throughout the last 20 years, over 3,000 students gained acceptance into their dream colleges with many receiving academic scholarships with help from Span Test Prep.

Come join the ranks of satisfied students who received higher scores through Span Test Prep. Call 847.724.9188 today!




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