Span Test Prep offers a comprehensive review of all sections of the ACT or SAT. Students take six real, full-length tests and attend six one-hour individual sessions with an experienced tutor.


College test prep has become competitive, expensive, and time-consuming. While high test scores are an essential component of the college application process, students’ lives are increasingly packed with both academic and extracurricular responsibilities. Span Test Prep solves this problem by providing an efficient course that fits any student’s schedule.

After 20 years and over 3000 students, Span Test Prep has perfected a curriculum that averages a 5 point increase on the ACT. Covering content, test strategies, timing concerns, and essay writing, Span Test Prep designs an individualized curriculum for each student. Through the course of 6 one-on-one sessions, the student will complete 5 full tests and review every answer with an instructor, ensuring that students learn from each mistake and ultimately have a deep understanding of the material. Instead of sitting in a classroom with dozens of other kids, STP students receive immediate, actionable feedback, which is why students often jump 3 or 4 points after just one session.

Span Test Prep believes in the power of education and knows that with the right approach any student can be successful. Students in STP are given all the tools they need to not only be more prepared, but also more confident on test day.

“For our daughter, it’s even more than just the improved score. She’s better at school period. Better at achieving goals, more consistent with accountability, and she approaches school with more confidence.

"My experience at Span Test Prep was very helpful. I think it was not only the number of tests I took, but the content and strategy I learned at each of the sessions"


The Span Test Prep Approach is simple: with the right instruction, every student can get higher scores. STP is the most efficient, effective test prep in the country because it follows these steps:

  1. It all starts with a plan: STP is like the Google Maps of test prep. During the first meeting, we tell students exactly what to expect from every section of the test. We go through typical questions, time-saving techniques, and common mistakes so that all students have a clear plan for each aspect of the test.
  2. Perfect practice makes perfect: Once a plan is in place, there’s no substitute for real tests, so every STP student takes six full-length tests. Like an elite athlete watching film after a game, STP students review every test in a one-on-one session with a tutor. Mistakes are perfect learning opportunities, so the student and tutor review wrong answers together and learn how to avoid them in the future.
  3. Confidence, confidence, confidence: Study after study shows that higher confidence leads to higher scores, so STP works to develop confidence from day one. Every student has incredible potential, so with a clear plan in place, students quickly see their scores improve. By the time students are done with STP, they’ve fine tuned their strategies and are ready to walk into the test with absolute confidence.
  4. Better Instruction: Simply put, our teachers are the best in the business. With decades of experience, we know how to meet each student’s unique needs and have a proven history of enabling students to maximize their potential.  Every teacher has received a perfect score on the ACT or SAT, so no matter what level the student is, we can help!

The results? The average score increase is 5 points, and such results make a huge difference. Many Span Test Prep students get accepted to their college of first choice. Many others receive scholarships or other awards based on their higher ACT score. Every student leaves the Span Test Prep program with the confidence and test-taking skills needed to conquer the test.