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The Most effective test prep in the country:

5-7 point ACT increase. 150-200 point SAT increase.

With thousands of students and decades of experience, Span Test Prep has pioneered an ACT & SAT prep method that produces maximum score increases in minimal time.


The Span Method

Span Test Prep offers a comprehensive review of all sections of the ACT or SAT. Students choose their own schedule, take real, full-length tests, and attend one-on-one sessions with an experienced tutor who has received perfect scores.

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The Span Results

Span Test Prep can confidently say it raises test scores more than any other test prep course in the country. Higher ACT and SAT scores not only help with college admission but also lead to significant scholarship opportunities.



years of experience

Span Test Prep has been helping students for over 20 years. Tutors have extensive ACT and SAT experience and also have high school teaching experience.



span test prep alumni

Span Test Prep alumni are spread all over the country - Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Northwestern, Duke, NYU, Wash U, Michigan, USC, and more.



scholarship money

Span Test Prep has helped students receive over a million dollars in scholarships through test prep and college essay advising.


The Span Courses

All Span Test Prep courses are one-on-one sessions that are completely customized to each student. Students take real ACT or SAT tests and then go over every incorrect answer with an experienced tutor. This process empowers students to develop the habits and confidence necessary to reach their goals.



span test prep exploratory course

The Span Test Prep Exploratory Course is designed for students who are unsure whether the ACT or the SAT is a better fit. There will be 8 one-on-one tutoring sessions: a full ACT after the first session, a full SAT after the second sessions, then the full 6-session Span Test Prep Course.

Span test prep act or sat course

The 6-session Span Test Prep Course consists of 6 full ACT or SAT tests and 6 one-on-one sessions with a Span Test Prep tutor. The course also includes math formula sheets, grammar rules, a writing guide, and a watch designed specifically for use during an ACT or SAT test.


school HELP for grades 6-12

Span Test Prep offers academic tutoring for math, english, science, history, AP classes, and essays. One-on-one sessions ensure that the students receive all the attention and information they need. Tutors have extensive training and classroom experience.

college essays

Span Test Prep has helped hundreds of students and families get through the college admission process and write excellent essays. Since a good essay can be the deciding factor for many elite schools, Span Test Prep works tirelessly to ensure that all students have essays they’re proud to submit.


October 2018

Because of the excellent test preparation from Span Test Prep, my overall ACT score increased 7 points. As a result, I received a $28,000 scholarship, which made this course a phenomenal investment.

Briggs C.




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Take Action

Whether you use Span Test Prep or not, we want you to get the best test scores possible. Here are some resources to help you learn more about the tests and get some practice.


ACT Test resources has set up an ACT Academy that provides some free practice questions and test taking tips.

SAT Test Resources

College Board has partnered with Khan Academy to provide a variety of SAT resources.

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We know how overwhelming college and test prep can be, so call today and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have.