Because of the excellent test preparation from Span Test Prep, my overall ACT score increased 7 points. As a result, I received a $28,000 scholarship, which made this course a phenomenal investment.

Briggs C




Span Test Prep raised my score 4 points in a very short time period. The fantastic one-on-one sessions were definitely the reason. By the end of the course, I felt like I knew the test inside and out

Ben I




My experience with Span Test Prep was a very positive one. I received very good one-on-one attention and reviewed many different practice tests, which helped me feel very prepared for the ACT.

Patrick W




Ryan was born extremely premature, 3 months early, weighing 2 pounds. When he was three days old, he had a large bleed in his brain, in other words, he had a stroke. He has a left sided weakness and had significant learning disabilities. To be honest, we always tried to focus on his abilities instead of his disability. He always worked hard in school, but it was a struggle.

When he took the practice ACT, he scored a 12. H was mortified. More than anything, he wanted to go to college. He was completely unwilling to even consider community college. A university was his measure of success. He had taken the ACT two times and scored an 18 with each attempt. He took the school-provided prep without any change, and he was becoming increasingly distraught that his options were limited due to his score.

As it turned out, you were his brother Stephen’s tennis coach. We hosted a pasta party, which is how we met you. You asked me if I had any other children, and I told you I had a junior. The pasta party happened to be on the same day as the Prairie State Exam, which is how we landed on the ACT topic. Call it divine intervention, karma, things happen for a reason, the fact that you arrived on the right day, at the right time, does not go unnoticed. Due to your tutoring sessions, Ryan’s next ACT attempt was a 21! To this day, if you ask him who or what has impacted his life, he refers…to you, who gave him the opportunity that he didn’t have previously.

For Stephen, you raised his score to get $60,000 more in scholarship money.

Joy K




The test prep was fantastic. The tutor did a wonderful job with Sofia, and she feels prepared to take the exam in September. I really can’t say enough about Span Test Prep. The tutor was extremely helpful, personable, and always willing to spend extra time with Sofia. Honestly, he went above and beyond our expectations.

Erika Y




I have three kids who used Span Test Prep. All three improved their overall ACT score by 3-6 points. One of my kids improved in science by six points. The overall score went from a 30 to a 33. Another child was scoring in the 25/26 range and got a 32. The tutor helped identify areas to improve and strategies to practice. My kids really benefited from the one-on-one time and Span Test Prep gave them so much confidence going into the test.

Beth O