The ACT Just Got Easier


If you’ve ever taken an ACT, you know how hard it is to prepare for a standardized test on top of all your homework, sports, jobs, and other extracurriculars. It seems like the ACT testing date always coincides with either massive amounts of homework, AP tests, finals, holidays, or even all of the above.

The ACT seems to have realized just how difficult it is to juggle all of those responsibilities, so it has added a brand new testing date. For the first time, in 2018 you will be able to take the ACT in July. With just a month between the June ACT and this new July ACT, your knowledge will still be fresh, putting you in an excellent position to improve your score.

July 14th is the exact date of the test, and the registration deadline is June 9th. Don’t worry, if you’re a rising senior, you’ll receive your score from the July test with plenty of time to use it in your college applications. If you’re a rising junior, taking the July 14th test is a great way to get a baseline score - moving forward you can decide how much you need to prep and when to take the ACT again.

You can register and get more information here:

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