Span Test Prep Top 10: Undergraduate Engineering Schools

If you’re a sophomore or junior in high school, chances are that your email inbox and your regular mailbox are filled with letters and flyers from colleges.  Every school claims to be incredible, so it can be hard to sift through all that information and figure out which schools are actually great and which ones might be a good fit for you.  

Span Test Prep Top 10 is here to help.  We’ll give you a very high-level overview of the top 10 schools in a variety of categories, so you can use these lists to kickstart your college search.  There are sooooo many details that a college can throw at you, so Span Test Prep Top 10 is going to boil a school down to 5 main categories: ranking, size, public vs. private, price, and acceptance rate. 

Today’s Span Test Prep Top 10 is undergraduate engineering programs and includes MIT, Stanford, University of California-Berkeley, California Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, Cornell, and Purdue. Enjoy.