Ever Wonder if You're Smarter Than the President?


So you, a rapper, a former US President, a WWE superstar, and the greatest shortstop of all-time walk into a bar. Who has the best ACT score?

The answer should surprise you. Bill Clinton, who famously remembered the name of almost every person he ever met, only scored a 22. John Cena, who recently said it takes him over an hour-a-day to manscape his entire body, got a perfect 36.

Why does this matter? During your junior and senior years, you’ll spend a considerable amount of time thinking/worrying about your standardized test scores. You’ll set goals for yourself, find out what scores you need for your favorite colleges, take practice tests, learn what a preposition is, and get up early on a couple Saturdays to take official tests. These are all great, productive things to do, and Span Test Prep is there to help you each step of the way if you need it, but we also want to make sure you keep everything in perspective. Your test score will not be the singular trait that defines you in life; in fact, it won’t even be the singular trait that defines you to colleges. Colleges want to get a sense of who you are and what type of addition you would be to their campus communities, so your grades, sports, instruments, clubs, jobs, essays, and recommendations all play a role in their decisions.

You should definitely care about your ACT/SAT scores and work hard to reach your full potential. Buuutttt, if you’re having an off-day on a practice test or get your first test back and see a score lower than what you were expecting, this list might help:

  1. Will Smith - 36

  2. Ke$ha - 34

  3. Wacka Flocka Flame - 34

  4. Steve Jobs - 32

  5. Barack Obama - 30

  6. Derek Jeter - 26

  7. George Bush - 26

  8. Kobe Bryant - 23

  9. Peyton Manning - 22

  10. Howard Stern - 18

Side note: if the whole time you were reading this, you were just wondering who we think the greatest shortstop of all time is, it’s Jeter. Rings + Longevity + Career Batting Average. Sorry Ernie Banks fans.