How to Find College Scholarships: Part One

One of the most frustrating and consistently confusing aspects of the entire college application process is finding scholarships. Applying to a school is relatively straightforward, especially if the school is part of the Common App, but applying for scholarships is an entirely different story.  There’s no centralized, Common App-like hub for scholarships, so students are largely on their own to both find and apply for scholarships and financial aid. Because of this, significant amounts of money go unclaimed every year, so don’t let that happen to you!

Use the links below to start your scholarship application quest.  They are by no means a comprehensive list, but they will at least get you started and will hopefully open some doors for you to get some money.  Keep in mind that individual colleges will often give out scholarships based on test scores, so the best way to improve your chances of getting money is to increase your ACT or SAT score.

Scholarships by Grade:
Scholarships for Freshmen and Sophomores
Scholarships for Juniors
Scholarships for Seniors

Other Scholarships:
Full Ride Scholarships
Easy Scholarships
Weird Scholarships

This is just part 1 of Span Test Prep’s scholarship guide. We will be doing a deep dive into local scholarships, scholarships based on a major, guaranteed scholarships based on ACT/SAT scores, and much more, so stay tuned!