What the SAT has in common with NBA Basketball


Of all the ways to get a better SAT score, research has shown that students improve the most simply by taking real practice tests. Think of the SATs like you’d think about a sport: if you want to get better at basketball, you can read articles and watch videos all day about keeping your elbow in and following through on your jumper, but until you actually spend time in a gym and take a bunch of shots, you won’t get much better.

The SATs need to be approached the same way. It’s vital to figure out the right strategies and tips for each section of the test, but, ultimately, the only way to see significant improvement is to get your reps in by taking real tests. Luckily, there are lots of FREE options to take real practice tests. College Board (the makers of the SAT) has 8 practice tests for free on their site that give detailed answers and score breakdowns. These tests are just like the real ones you will take, so they’re a perfect tool to help you get to whatever score you want.

College Board FREE Practice Tests

Khan Academy has also created material with College Board that is catered to any skill level, so if you sign up, you can start practicing for FREE there as well.

Khan Academy SAT link

Just like any sport, consistent practice is key. It’s hard to be a great athlete if you only go to the gym a couple times a month, and the same is true for the SAT. Make sure you practice a little bit every day, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you improve.